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Andy Hoyle

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Andy Hoyle

Andy was introduced to radio when a friend asked if he’d like to go and have a look at the local hospital radio station. Within a couple of weeks he was reading the station’s news bulletins, and presenting programmes a little while later.

Truly bitten by the radio bug, after a couple of years of volunteering, Andy pursued a career in local media. After a short time working in television, mostly on the crew of Coronation Street, he moved into radio full time, first in store radio, followed by a programme in the middle of the night across Lancashire.

Since then he has worked at a number of radio stations, and also been involved in the launches of several commercial and community stations.

He is a fan of a wide variety of music, particularly from the 70s and 80s, and is looking forward to playing some great songs every day on The Sound.

Away from radio, you will probably find Andy watching vintage British television and film, relaxing with an autobiography, or being bossed about by his two cats, Bingo and Domino!